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Patricia Embleton@ 10:04pm 11-23-2016
This list of sponsors is really impressive. Kodos to everyone that went out getting the donations from the sponsors. And a very big Thank You to all the sponsors that generously donated to help out our charity, the Humane Society Of Kawartha Lakes.
Shawn Wood@ 9:47pm 11-23-2016
Wow it nice to see all those sponsors. I would like to say Thank You very much to each and everyone of them. I know that next year will be bigger and better. And a very special THANKS to everyone that went out to get these sponsors. And all the puppyies are gonna be happy as well.

Shawn Wood,
Communications Officer
Infinity Motorcycle Cruisers
Dan Gryzwacz@ 10:09pm 11-22-2016
It's nice to see that people's efforts and hard work have resulted in so many sponsors giving in support of our charity of choice this year, the HSKL. Thank you to all our sponsors for their generosity. Kudos to everyone! I love the fact that we also get to recognize our sponsors in this dedicated section of our website for all to see. Thanks Steffon for making this happen.
Christina Zoskey@ 7:02am 11-22-2016
Wow! I look at the list of sponsors and am amazed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to either obtain sponsor donations or provided donations themselves to help the IMC raise funds for the critters.
Steffon Zoskey@ 10:48am 11-20-2016
I would like to thank everyone that has worked so hard to date getting things in order, and to all the individuals and companies that have donated merchandise to help us raise money for the Humane Society Of Kawartha Lakes.